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Deer Voodoo Feed Accelerant



It’s seasoning for your favorite deer food. Why not have that extra advantage over other hunters. The aromas of Deer Voodoo will help you see more activity. Other than a deer attractant it is a perfect blend of supplements and minerals deer absolutely crave. Use with up to 150 lbs of feed or use on stump,log or ground where legal for extreme results.Our products contain nothing artificial. Each 32oz bag is Super concentrated with natural extracts.


Feel The Magic

Small but potent little potion. A little goes a long way. Super concentrated. Add to 150 lbs of corn, oats, soybeans, rice bran or your favorite deer feed to livin things up a bit.


Gettin Close

Let our product work its magic for you.

Deer Voodoo is manufactured at our two facilities in Covington and Mathews, Louisiana.